Lighting a cigar with a strip of cedar wood gives a cigar smoker much more pleasure than lighting it with a gas lighter. 

So what does the cedar wood do? Exactly, it gives you an unforgettable first impression. That first impression is the one that, at least in the background, comes back in mind every time you use a product or get in contact with a person, who or that was presented in an impressive way. 

The quality of the presentation is at least as important as the quality of the product that is carried by the presentation, when you want to make an excitement generating striking impression.

On this website you find gears to accompany your product, yourself or a gift with, to make a significant and memorable impression. helps you with impressive:

- Presentation CD/DVD casings

- Photography and its imposing application

- Personalized invitation or celebration cards, different and noteworthy

- Virtual placement of your artwork or preliminary study in a real scenery

- Art crates 

- Items that are under development at the moment

Impress with your image

Photo's of you, should be you. So it's preferable to make a portrait in your environment and in a way the most of you is shown in the image. That's your image and our goal is to capture that expression, the impression you'll make!

Because of that we like to take a portrait on the spot. Your workshop, home or wherever you like to be.

If you like your portrait to show who you really are, get in contact with us, and we will help you make an astonishing impression beyond belief!

The artist on this image is Ron Meerts
Photo's by Bob Strik